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We Fix Painful Ingrown Toenails

in one appointment

Ingrown Toenail Treatment In Masterton, Wairarapa

Looking for the best treatment for painful ingrown toenails?
We're the only podiatry clinic dedicated to ingrown toenail surgery for permanent results.

The Ingrown Toenail Clinic provides effective ingrown toenail treatments for adults and children, providing freedom from the pain and discomfort associated with ingrown nails, curved pinched nails and painful thickened nails.

We do this using a range of simple, effective and immediate treatments that are completed in a single appointment. We offer ingrown toenail surgery, ingrown toenail removal, and non-surgical treatment options to cure your painful nail. 
Every treatment is carried out by highly experienced, registered podiatrists who focus on fixing toe pain and foot pain all day, every day.

Our special interest in ingrown toenail treatment as a clinic means that we have refined our processes over many years to give you the best outcomes with less pain and a faster recovery. This includes using local anaesthetic for a completely painless experience. If you're experiencing toenail pain, we're proud to be the only clinic servicing Masterton, all of the Wairarapa and beyond that specialises in ingrown and painful nail care.

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Before and after ingrown toenail surgery. Actual results from our clinic shared with full patient consent.

We Fix Ingrown Toenails In Two Key Ways

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Simple Ingrown
Nail Treatment

Many painful nails can be treated simply and easily to give you immediate pain relief using our range of one-off solutions that don't require any nail surgery or recovery time. 

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Ingrown Toenail Surgery Treatment

When you have recurring ingrown toenails and they're likely to keep coming back, surgery is a fantastic way to give you permanent results with immediate pain relief. 

If you're unsure which ingrown nail treatment is best for you, or whether you should explore nail surgery or non-surgical options, don't worry. Our podiatrists will explain everything at your appointment, including how each treatment works, what you can expect, and what we recommend for you based on our assessment of your toes. If you have an infected ingrown toenail, we'll also talk you through any additional steps you may need to take to support your toe health and optimise your recovery.

Fix Ingrown Toenail Masterton

What is an ingrown toenail and why do I have one?

Ingrown Toenails Don't Go Away On Their Own

Ingrown toenails are frustrating, painful and can quickly stop you from walking comfortably or doing the things you love. They can affect anyone at any age - from babies to older adults. They occur when a piece of the nail pierces and cuts through the skin that surrounds it, and starts growing into it, producing pain, swelling, redness and sometimes bleeding. The only way to treat the ingrown nail is to remove this piece of nail quickly, carefully and effectively.

Located Inside Of Masterton Foot Clinic 

Our specialist ingrown toenail clinic is located inside of Masterton Foot Clinic, Wairarapa's leading podiatry clinic. We have been proudly helping our community for almost 20 years, launching this sub-clinical due to our experience and expertise in the field of ingrown toenail treatment. As part of Masterton Foot Clinic, you get the full world-class experience with us every time you walk through our doors.

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Ingrown Toenail FAQs

I have an infected ingrown toenail. Can you still help?

Yes. We will assess your toenail to understand the severity of your infection and whether you may need antibiotic care to support your recovery. In many cases, we can still treat your toenail. If we suspect you may be at risk or the infection is too severe, we will advise you about the best course of action immediately.

Do you do ingrown toenail removal?

Yes, though in most cases we only need to remove a small section at the edge of your nail, as opposed to the entire toenail. We will discuss the best way forward given your unique circumstances during your appointment with us.

Should I see a doctor or a podiatrist for an ingrown toenail?

Speaking as podiatrists, we see and treat ingrown toenails daily and have refined our processes and the equipment we use. Additionally, we offer a simple ingrown toenail package that includes all of your dressing changes and follow-up appointments. This is our speciality service, and while we cannot speak on behalf of our GP colleagues, we do believe that we provide exceptional ingrown toenail treatment and care.

I've been digging out my ingrown toenail at home and it feels worse. Can you still help?

Absolutely. We completely understand the urge to try to get relief and dig the nail out yourself. We call this 'bathroom surgery' and it does not have any impact on our ability to successfully treat your ingrown toenail.

Do you offer any other services aside from ingrown toenail care?

As we are part of Masterton Foot Clinic, our podiatrists are also experienced in providing a wide range of services to treat the feet and legs. You can see the full range of our services on our website - from painless laser fungal nail treatment to shockwave therapy and much more.

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